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麗 love [Life is like gambling]
Love is Money
Unexpected Trip 
November 7th, 2012

I will go to other country for a trip

I didn't plan this before just suddenly need to go there LMAO damn you ojitachi LOL

So yesterday night I did chat with my friend
She told me she found jyouobscurecurecos account
Well it's really her, I saw her Byo's and Ruki's cosp there LOLOL

Her last update was March 2011, hmm so I thought she didn't die after all :)
That's good for her at least she still alive (??) maybe. It's not like I do care, just curious how can someone who had brain tumor in such critical condition did Ikuma's cosplay :) that means she's okay or maybe the diagnose wrong and she's "alive" again.....

Oh well really not my business~ 

If anyone of you go to AFA Singapore and meet someone wearing this wig:


That's me pfft...
Sorry still not good enough to wear the wig.
Gotta continue playing Blazblue LOL
Kyaa~~ RagnaxJin~~ <3 <3 <3

November 8th, 2012 (UTC)
lha napa mukanya dsensor?
have fuuun XDD kyknya banyak cosplayer sini yg pada pergi
January 24th, 2013 (UTC)
Biar greget mukanya disensor wkwkwkwk
January 24th, 2013 (UTC)
LOL iya sih
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